Benetlab s.r.l.


List of available services


01 Analysis of the features of sands for cores and moulding.

The unique know-how acquired along over that twenty years of infield activity allows us to support foundries in solving their troubles/issues related to:
– mould pressing, green sand moulds
– moulds made with chemical binders
– cores production

We may offer consultancy aimed to improve:
– the management of their existing sand-plant.
– the obtaining of defect-free products.
– quality controls related to moulding sand
– training of end user’s manpower in laboratory control applied to moulding sand.


Sand Testing Equipment Calibration.

Our company as manufacturer of sand testing equipment, ISO 9001:2015 certified, has developed its own control procedures for verifying instruments/machinery for sand testing purposes on the basis of applicable standard.
Our references tools and equipment are certificated under universal standard (LAT certificate).


Supply of Hammers/Blades and Spare Parts for continuous sand mixers.

We could supply a wide range of hammers for continuous sand mixers and spare parts for continuous mixers and sand conveying systems.


Supply of Consumables Materials for Metallographic Analysis.

We could supply a wide range of consumables material for metallography application.


Design and Manufacturing of Special Machines.

The experiences acquired along over 30 years of activity in the field of foundry sector has allowed us to offer custom-made solution. Take contact with us to discuss Your needs.