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The machines type ALLINONE are designed to allow control of the main characteristics of the moulding sands used in the foundry for the production of moulds and cores.

This device is suitable to perform hardness analysis on cores and chemical moulds. The comparator measures the penetration which is inversely proportional to the hardness.

Fully electronic permeability meter with digital pressure measurement. The special fan is constantly controlled by an electronic card which guarantees minimum fluctuation in flow and pressure values. Connectable to a PC via USB port, software package to store test results.

Digital and analogue hardness testers for green sand. The mould hardness monitoring allows control of the forming pressures and it is helpful to foresee and avoids casting defects linked to excess of gas, tears and dragging during the metal casting phase.

special machine

Presently there are no special machines available for sale.

In 2019, the whole ownership of the company LONOS TEST SRL was acquired. This company established in 1980 initially skilled in the maintenance and modernization of material testing machines had over years extended its activity by integrating design, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of material testing machines and ancillary equipment suitable to carry out various mechanical-physical tests on materials. The nowadays range of products meets most of market requirements in terms of material control.

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