Benet is a family company born on 1992. Company activity focus on foundry bussness and mainly orientated on sand testing equipment production, enginering and selling product for some of the most important international company.

Our staff operated in collaboration with Georg Fisher +GF+ / Disa for sand testing equipment since they stop the activity in this field.

Benet lab dep. seriers of equipment is on market since 2007, all the proposed equipment are Ce market and complete of calibration certificate as per ISO 9001.

Many machine are fitted with microprocessor card and connected with PC in order to allow our customer to eleborate the information propely and in a modern way.

Big. effort on developing new equipment and strenght collaboration with custumers and resercing centers allow to our company to be leader in the Italian market and very successfull on many forein country. Beside the most moder equipment we have also some traditional and less expensive equipment made on the original Georg Fischer desing that togheter second hand equipment allow to everybody to have the control of their sand system.

Many new equipment and prototipe are always in production or testing by some of our customer before to arrive on the market ( check the news page to see what happen in the next future. )

The company is ISO 9001 certified.